Participation Fees

Number of Eligible Indiana Employees Number
of Eligible Indiana Employees Surveyed
Online Method Cost* Paper Method Cost*
15-24** All $1,010 $1,380
25-99 All $1,035 $1,450
100-199 All $1,135 $1,750
200-499 Up to 300*** $1,185 $2,000
500-999 400*** $1,255 $2,170
1000 and above 500*** $1,295 $2,410

*Costs are not refundable. **To ensure result credibility, companies with 15-24 employees are required to have at least an 80% response rate to be considered for the list. Organizations having 25 or more employees must reach a 40% response rate. ***Employees are randomly selected.

Paper Survey Fees: Many organizations prefer to use paper surveys instead of the online option. Choosing the paper survey option will require you to pay the paper method cost.

Additional Fees

- If you need to use non-English versions of the Employee Feedback Surveys, there is a cost of $199 per additional language translation.

- You can increase the survey recipient sample size above what is listed in the chart above for a cost of

- $1.49 per extra online survey

- $2.49 per extra paper survey

- We offer various survey customization and reporting options. Contact us for details.

Withdrawal Fee: Any organization that wishes to cancel participation or withdraw from the program must do so by July 26, 2024 (registration deadline). Any withdrawals or cancelations received after that date will be assessed a $199 withdraw fee.